Wood Species

KB Kitchens offers a variety of wood species to accommodate both your budget and style preference. There is a wide range of species from which to choose, among them: Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Rustic Maple, Laminate, Oak, and Birch. Each have a different aesthetic, level of durability and price point. Learn more about choosing the right wood species.

Learn more about choosing the right wood species.


For a look of elegance and luxury, cherry is unmatched. This solid hardwood possesses rich hues that vary from light red to deep reddish brown. Known for its fine, light grain patterns, cherry will take the stain exceptionally well and naturally darkens over time with exposure to light.


An open-grained wood, hickory offers a wide range of color possibilities. Grain patterns and color differences can be bold and irregular, giving hickory a unique character.


The clean simplicity of maple is ideal for contemporary homes. An exceptionally strong and heavy wood, maple is characterized by its white or creamy color and even, close grain. Maple cabinets provide a smooth, radiant look when finished with a light stain.

Rustic Maple

Rustic Maple is characterized by knots of varying size and color throughout the wood. It will also have mineral streaks, bare pockets, worm holes, heartwood, sugar tracks as well as clear, unmarked wood that provides a distinctive look to every door.


When it comes to today’s more modern looks, laminate cabinetry is a popular choice. Its sleek, clean lines and smooth finish will give your kitchen a virtually timeless look. Easy to clean and able to resist stains and spills, laminate is the perfect product for a home that is meant to be lived in.

Red Oak & White Oak

An ever-popular choice, oak is extremely strong and always reliable. Wood patterns will vary, as will the colors, ranging from warm, soft browns to near white.


Birch hardwood has a range of colors, the sapwood color is white to creamy yellow, and the heartwood varies from medium brown to a reddish brown color. Birch is a strong durable wood and is more open grained to better absorb stain materials during finishing. With the good finishing ability the birch grain pattern is emphasized showing the beauty of wood.