Time to Spring Clean

Spring is in the air… What a better time to start that spring cleaning and spruce up your kitchen or bathroom with new cabinets. Contact your local KB Kitchen to set up an appointment with our experienced designers.

Things to think about when designing your kitchen…

1. Redirect traffic away from the “working triangle” of your kitchen (the area between the cooktop, sink, and refrigerator).

For a functional kitchen, you want to keep this space clear. Redirect traffic outside of this area if possible. If you have an island and are hoping to have seating at the island, make sure there’s at least 5 feet of clearance.

2. Make your appliances look built-in.

For a modern look, make your appliances look built-in – especially your fridge! You can accomplish this by adding side gables and making sure the cabinet above is at least 24” deep.

3. All appliances need working space around them.

You don’t want to put a stove in a corner because you won’t be able to turn your pot handles due to the lack of working space around it. This could also be a fire hazard – be careful!

Also, keep in mind that fridges need landing space. It’s important to have a space to put items down when you take them out of the fridge. Having an island is a great option for landing space in the kitchen.

4. Pick out all appliances before you start designing.

It’s easier to design a kitchen around appliances than it is to find appliances to match specific requirements. Hold off on buying these appliances as you may have to tweak things during the design. It’s great to have appliances in mind when building cabinets.

5. Think about the size of your appliances.

It’s hard to accommodate large appliances in a small kitchen. Make sure to know your priorities so that you make the right compromises to best fit your needs.

Spruce Up Your Space

Kitchens are more than just where you prepare your meals. The kitchen is a command center, dining area, and the one room in the home where families spend the most time together. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up the space, lets set up an appointment today to make that space your own…

Why you should remodel…

Some homeowner’s set out to remodel their kitchen without a plan or even know why they are remodeling their kitchen.  The questions you should ask yourself when thinking about remodeling your kitchen include:

  • Do you enjoy working in your kitchen?
  • Would an updated kitchen be more conducive to entertaining?
  • Would it add value?

If you’re like most people, when entertaining family and friends, your kitchen is the one area of your home people tend to gather.  Having a space that is warm and inviting should be a priority when thinking about a kitchen remodel.

Many people look to remodel their kitchen and master bathrooms simply to increase the value of their home.  If you enjoy working in your kitchen, but your space is outdated, then it may be a good time to think about  remodeling.

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Caring For Your Cabinets

The finish on cabinetry is just like that of a high quality piece of furniture. Although it is designed to protect against normal, everyday home use, general upkeep and cleanliness are very important. With proper care, your cabinetry will last long and look good for generations to come.



Dust your cabinets frequently with a soft, lint-free cloth. If need be, slightly dampen the cloth with water or a spray-type dust remover.


Clean spills and splatters immediately. Prolonged exposure to spills, including food, water or other liquids, or to oil and grease can cause permanent discoloration or damage your cabinet’s finish. To clean spills, use a clean, soft cloth dampened with mild soap. Dry immediately with another clean, soft cloth.


Use a clean, soft cloth dampened with mild soap to clean your cabinets.  Dry immediately with another clean, soft cloth.  There are also a number of wood cleaning products available for use on cabinetry.

Waxing and Polishing

Waxing your cabinets is not required or recommended.  Over time, the wax will build up on the surface of the cabinet.  This can cause a hazy, streaky, or yellowed appearance, as well as attract dust particles.  The wax can become very difficult to remove.  We recommend that you clean and polish your cabinets once or twice each year.  To polish your cabinets, use a light coat of quality furniture polish.

Glass Doors

If you have glass panels installed in your cabinet doors, you will want to clean them periodically.  To clean the glass, you can use any commercial glass cleaner.  Never apply glass cleaner directly to the glass.  Spray a small amount of cleaner onto a clean, soft cloth or paper towel, then wipe the glass.  Be careful not to damage the cabinet finish or parts while cleaning.


You will want to periodically clean knobs, pulls, or handles installed on your cabinet doors/drawers.  To do so, use a clean, soft cloth dampened with mild soap.  Thoroughly dry all hardware joints, surfaces, and the surrounding area with another clean, soft cloth.

Products to Avoid

  • Harsh chemicals
  • Abrasive cleaning products
  • Solvent or petroleum-based products such as mineral spirits, nail-polish removers, and paint thinners
  • Ammonia or cleaning products that may contain ammonia
  • Bleach or cleaning products that may contain bleach

A New Beginning

As the final days of January comes to a end, it only seems like this year has just begun. The holidays have ended and the Christmas decorations are finally placed away. As we move forward through the year we make check lists of to do’s. Don’t forget about all the home renovations you want this year, what a better place to start than a new kitchen or bath.  Contact you local Kb Kitchen to set up an appointment with one of our experienced designer to get a start on your new dream.

A Beautiful Work In Progress

Even during the process of getting to the final out come , you find your self amazed by the beauty. That feeling you get as the last nail goes in and the counter top has been wiped clean, a sense of accomplishment.  Just a few simple upgrades brings your space to life.