1. Redirect traffic away from the “working triangle” of your kitchen (the area between the cooktop, sink, and refrigerator).

For a functional kitchen, you want to keep this space clear. Redirect traffic outside of this area if possible. If you have an island and are hoping to have seating at the island, make sure there’s at least 5 feet of clearance.

2. Make your appliances look built-in.

For a modern look, make your appliances look built-in – especially your fridge! You can accomplish this by adding side gables and making sure the cabinet above is at least 24” deep.

3. All appliances need working space around them.

You don’t want to put a stove in a corner because you won’t be able to turn your pot handles due to the lack of working space around it. This could also be a fire hazard – be careful!

Also, keep in mind that fridges need landing space. It’s important to have a space to put items down when you take them out of the fridge. Having an island is a great option for landing space in the kitchen.

4. Pick out all appliances before you start designing.

It’s easier to design a kitchen around appliances than it is to find appliances to match specific requirements. Hold off on buying these appliances as you may have to tweak things during the design. It’s great to have appliances in mind when building cabinets.

5. Think about the size of your appliances.

It’s hard to accommodate large appliances in a small kitchen. Make sure to know your priorities so that you make the right compromises to best fit your needs.