Kitchen Islands

For many families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. A place where there is always something going on. A kitchen island is home’s greatest expression of form and function. This stand-alone feature offers the functionality of a kitchen table paired with the distinction of being the room’s focal point. This area has seemingly limitless uses. An area for prep and conversation, homework and home gatherings, landmark decisions and timeless memories, this piece of functional furniture is a master at multitasking.

When considering an island for your kitchen you must keep a few items in mind, and the first is food prep. Are there outlets for your food processor or toaster oven? Is the countertop functional for chopping or slicing? Are the stovetop and refrigerator nearby?

The second is cooking. Is there enough space for a stove top or range? Do you have room for an overhead vent or fan? Is the countertop heat resistant? Is the seating area raised to avoid splatters?

The third is casual dining. Is the area a sufficient distance from the heat source? Is the counter contoured to ensure comfort? Are the counters the appropriate height?

The last is cleanup. Is there room for a dishwasher? Is there storage space for silverware, dish soap etc? Is there easy access to the trash?

The experts at KB Kitchen know what they are doing. They are here to guide you every step of the way.